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No Pain After an Accident? You Should Still See a Chiropractor

Fine. That’s a word that every human on the earth has used at least once (a day, usually). How was your morning? Fine. How was school today? Fine. How do you feel after that car accident?

Not fine.

Car accidents are jarring, both physically and emotionally. Whether it’s a small fender-bender or multiple car mishap, physical damage is almost always a result. There’s a common misconception about pain, however.

If you don’t feel any, you don’t need to see a chiropractor, right?


Just because you feel okay, maybe a bit sore in specific spots, doesn't mean that your body should not be seen by a medical professional. There are a few reasons why you should see a doctor right away, aside from your own peace of mind.

First, your body is probably still running on adrenaline from the initial accident. Many victims report not feeling any injuries until a few days after. This is because your own body hasn't recognized the places of impact yet. As you start to mellow down from the date of the injuries, you physically begin to feel where the previously high endorphins have worn off. Certain impairments, like soft tissues injuries, do not make themselves known for some time after the accident.

Second, from a financial standpoint, you have to have some kind of medical treatment within 14 days of the accident, or else you only receive $2500 worth of PIP (Personal Injury Protection) insurance. Treating within the 14 days will get you $10,000 worth of PIP… that’s a pretty big difference! Even if you’re in perfect health, it’s better just to check so you’re not paying out of pocket down the road.

What’s the lesson? See a chiropractor after an accident. Even if it was minor. Even if you feel fine.

Better safe than sorry!

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